A&E service is exactly that!

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I have to agree with the comments about people attending A&E with problems that could have been seen in the community, after all it does say Accident and Emergency and three day old problems in my mind don’t fit into this category.

Problems such as abdominal pain where people don’t even try any pain relief at home or consult there GP, sore ankles and hands after a slip in the snow surely if you are walking on it it’s not broken!

Also problems with fighting victims this is like self inflicted injuries and they should be made to pay for their care they may think twice about scrapping if they had to pay.

People generally enjoy moaning about waiting in any appointment situation, such as clinics, but I suppose that’s in their nature, the staff are under a lot of pressure in A&E as they are in the wards and people should be a bit more thoughtful instead of verbally abusing the staff and moaning to all and sundry.

Use that energy to think of ways you can help yourselves to stay well and healthy and use A&E for what it is meant to be used for accidents and emergencies