30mph speed limit isn’t legal

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There is no doubt that the alterations on the A60 between Carlton and Langold have been very unpopular especially the imposition of a 30mph speed limit.

I have talked to the Notts County Council on numerous occasions and reminded them on their Public Engagement Policy Document or NCCPEPD. I was surprised that some senior employees of the council have not read this document.

The NCCPEPD forms a legal framework in any legal undertakings that the council initiates. A speed limit change requires public consultation before any law change. According to the NCCPEPD any proposal that has a large scale effect on people, then there should be a greater public consultation.

I and many others believe that the council have consulted with the public inadequately and therefore the whole process is unsound. That means the 30mph speed on this road in not properly legal. Because of this, a large scale petition is underway that started last Saturday 23rd February to reverse many of the alterations on the A60. This petition has already in excess of 200 signatures and is available to sign at Langold Hardware and Langold Hill Top club.

My proposals to the council are to set up a website that show any proposals and now this has been done, but the site must be more locally defined and the ability to email any objections. All senior employees of the council should be made to read and understand the NCCPEPD and even sign to say they have done so.

All public notices in good practice should have reference to any previous public notices concerning that proposal.

And finally all county and district councillors should be notified directly of any proposals within their area.

Incidentally there are 27 central reservations on the A60 between South Carlton and Langold Hill Top.

F. Pickersgill