Young mum was unable to retrieve vital baby items after her home was boarded up

A young mum says she was locked out of her own home and unable to retrieve vital items for her baby after it was boarded up by council officers.

Wednesday, 3rd August 2016, 12:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 8:02 pm
Rebecca Mitchell was unable to get into the Clowne property after it was boarded up by council staff.

Rebecca Mitchell said she was left frightened for the safety of her child after the windows of the Clowne property she shared with her partner were smashed in an alleged altercation with a fellow resident.

The 23-year-old went to stay with family in Worksop - but faced further distress when she returned to the property to retrieve some items for her nine-month-old baby and found the windows and doors had been boarded up with metal shutters.

Rebecca claims that, despite the fact she had a police escort, staff at Bolsover District Council would not travel to the Southgate Crescent property so that she could retrieve esssential items, which included baby milk, nappies and money.

Rebecca said: “I had spent a long time making the property nice so to see it like that, all boarded up, really upset me. I thought I was left with nothing.

“I do understand why the shutters were put up but to then not be able to access my home and important items for my son was horrible.

“My partner and I obviously now want to leave the house as it is clearly not safe for us, but have been told we will still have to pay a £350 fee to terminate the tenancy after everything that’s happened - which is an absolute joke.

“A lot of my belongings have been damaged so naturally I just want to get myself and my baby out of there as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for Bolsover District Council said they were “aware of the situation” regarding the alleged dispute, which is currently the subject of a police investigation.

They added:“Some of the windows on the property had been broken and were boarded with temporary boarding, but as the police were concerned for the safety of the tenants, and to protect their belongings, we arranged for metal shutters to be fitted to fully secure the flat until they returned home.

“We have provided advice and help and been in constant touch with Miss Mitchell and her partner, who is the tenant, over this situation and at no point have the council refused access to the property for the tenant or Miss Mitchell.

“The tenant has requested his tenancy be terminated and we have since allowed him and Miss Mitchell into the property to collect their belongings.”