Yorkshire Water urges customers to avoid wasting water

Yorkshire Water is urging its customers to think twice about their water usage in a bid to save one million litres per day.

It wants to protect water levels at Langsett and Rivelin reservoirs, which are 92 per cent full.

The company says a growing population means water needs to be conserved.

Neil Dewis, head of service delivery at Yorkshire Water, said: “Our ‘Save A Little, Save A Lot’ campaign is about providing our customers with information on how they can save water and why it’s important to do so.

“Some people take water for granted but it is a precious resource and we need to ensure that in the future we can continue to meet the demands of a growing population and the challenges climate change could bring.

“We work really hard to manage our own leakage and to supply our water in the most efficient way, but we need our customers to play their part too.

“To help our customers we‘re offering free water saving packs via our website that include simple to install devices that can reduce household water consumption.”

Yorkshire Water aims to reduce leakage by a further 10 million litres a day by 2020.

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