Worksop: Young Ramsey completes Coast to Coast challenge

A young Worksop boy has battled through the pain barrier to complete the Coast to Coast challenge.

Wednesday, 9th July 2014, 4:25 pm
Etham Ramsey at the top of Hartside Summit

Cycling mad Ethan Ramsey, aged 11, rode alongside his mum, Stacey, and dad, Paul, in the two and a half day challenge from Whitehaven to Sunderland.

The ride included a long five-mile slog up to the top of Hartside Summit - the highest point of the whole ride.

“At one point, he (Ethan) was in tears and was really struggling with the climbs,” Stacey Ramsey told the Guardian.

“He wouldn’t stop though and after eating some jellybabies he just powered through. I don’t know what was in them!”

The ride was particularly special to Ethan and his dad Paul, who are following in their grandad’s and father’s footsteps respectively.

Roy, who sadly died of Bowel Cancer, was a keen cyclist himself and although he did not ride the Coast to Coast, both Paul and Ethan harboured dreams of getting on the saddle and completing their own challenges,

After returning from their two and a half day ride, the family are now looking at upcoming challenges in a bid to raise money for charity.

Ethan raised £400 for Bowel Cancer, in memory of Roy, after riding the Three Peaks for a charity event and Stacey is preparing to undertake the Tough Mudder challenge to raise money for Help for Heroes.

“I do want to do it (Coast to Coast) again, but this time for charity,” Ethan said.

“I love cycling so I will definitely be looking at other rides I can do to raise money.”