Worksop: Woman pawned daughter’s jewellery

In Court
In Court
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A Worksop woman pawned sentimental items belonging to her own daughter.

Lisa Siddons, 40, of Lynchet Lane, pleaded guilty to fraud at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

Prosecuting, Ruth Snowdin told the court Siddons was given a yellow metal locket and clown-shaped stone pendant for safe keeping by her daughter.

Her daughter had initially thought her mother would be a better person to look after them.

The court heard how Siddons took the items to H&T Pawnbrokers on Bridge Street in an attempt to raise money and clear her own personal debts.

The pawnbrokers paid her £240 for the two items of jewellery, believed to be worth around £500.

In mitigation, David Verity said Siddons was deeply remorseful of her actions and had since tried hard to recover the items.

In an attempt to buy the items back, Siddons has so far paid the pawnbrokers back by £150.

District Judge Diane Baker said Siddons had taken advantage of the relationship between her and her daughter.

She added: “This is a clear breach of trust.”

“The items belonged to her own daughter and had high sentimental value.”

She added that, as the items were involved in a crime, police would be able to recover them.

Probation reports will be prepared before sentencing can go ahead.

Siddons is scheduled to be sentenced at Worksop on the morning of 31st July.