Worksop: Woman jailed for persistently breaking court orders

A woman described as a persistent offender has been jailed at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 10th February 2014, 9:00 am
Worksop Magistrates' Court
Worksop Magistrates' Court

Joanne Turner, 35, of The Croft, Worksop, was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison after her latest breach of a community order and curfew.

Miss Turner said she had failed to comply with her curfew due to initially being locked out of her house because her partner was also in custody.

The court also heard that she had been late back to her address because she had been delayed at the library filling in benefit claim forms online as well as collecting a methadone prescription for her heroin treatment.

A probation Service report concluded that Miss Tunrer could be put on another drug rehabilitation course but also conceded that her previous breaches of various community orders meant it was unlikely she would be able to stick to the programme.

Defending, Mr Andrew Osborne said: “She would like to go on the drug rehabilitation scheme and have the chance to succeed.”

“If she can get off drugs, she will remove all the reasons she has breached orders in the past.”

But District Judge Diane Baker disagreed.

“The court has seen fit to give several chances in the past and you have continually breached orders and gone out when you were meant to be under curfew,” she said.

“You are a willful and persistent offender and I have no choice but to send you into custody for a period of 10 weeks.”