Worksop: Woman admits using racially aggravated language towards Polish woman during street argument

Worksop Magistrates Court
Worksop Magistrates Court

A Worksop woman has admitted using racially insulting language towards a Polish woman while on a night out.

Lyndsey McNamara, 30, pleaded guilty to using racially aggravated threatening words or behaviour at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that Miss McNamara had been out in the town celebrating her 30th birthday when she become involved in a argument with a Polish woman on Bridge Palce at around 3.30am on the morning of Saturday, 16th August.

Prosecuting, Mrs Donna Fawcett said: “Miss McNamara become involved in a verbal altercation with a Polish lady and was threatening and abusive.”

“When the Polish lady said she couldn’t understand what she was saying, Miss McNamara yelled back at her, ‘why don’t you speak English then’, even though the Polish lady was speaking English.”

The court heard Miss McNamara then got into a police vehicle without permission and was told to get out.

She was then arrested and blamed the Polish woman and used an abusive term to refer to her.

Defending, Mr David Verity said: “She is not a racist, she has many friends of different race and nationality, including some Polish friends.”

“This was completely out of character for her.”

Mr Verity told the court that the Polish woman had seemed to deliberately bump into Miss McNamara and her friend several times during the evening, for no apparent reason.

“Eventually, the Polish lady had an argument with Miss McNamara’s friend, which drew the police’s attention and her friend was put into the police vehicle,” continued Mr Verity.

“That was when Miss McNamara got into the police vehicle herself, to remonstrate with the police and ask why her friend had been put in.”

The court heard that Miss McNamara spent over 12 hours in police custody after she was arrested.

She also said in her police interview that she could not remember using offensive or aggressive words towards the Polish woman.

“She is not a racist and she does not usually drink much at all but on this occasion, she had been drinking because she wanted to celebrated her 30th birthday,” added Mr Verity.

Miss McNamara was fined £100 and ordered to pay a £20 victim surcharge.