Worksop: Woman admits benefit fraud

A 25-year-old woman admitted fraudulently claiming £3,000 in benefits at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

Monday, 21st July 2014, 10:35 am
In Court
In Court

Rachel Egley, 25, of Model Villiage, Creswell, Worksop, dishonestly claimed Income Support, Carers Allowance and Housing Benefit.

The court heard that Egley failed to notify a change in her circumstances which entitled her to Income Support between 24th July 2013 and 7th January 2014, namely that she was working.

Between 12th August 2013 and 29th December 2013 Egley failed to notify the Department for Work and Pensions regarding a change in her circumstances which entitled her to claim Carers Allowance, namely that she was earning in excess of the permitted limit.

The court also heard that between 11th November 2013 and 9th January 2014 Egley failed to notify Bolsover District Council of a change in circumstances which would affect her entitlement to Housing Benefit, namely that she was working.

In mitigation, Harry Bevan, said that Egley’s original claim for benefits was not fraudulent from the outset but as time went on his client ‘buried her head in the sand’ and that it was a ‘relief’ when she was caught.

Egley, who is now looking after her grandparents full-time, was fined £200, ordered to pay £20 victim surcharge and £100 court costs.

The matter of re-paying compensation will be dealt with separately at a later date.