Worksop: Venues on alert after town centre gas attack

Corner House, Worksop.
Corner House, Worksop.

The two Worksop pubs which were targeted in a gas attack have announced they will be tightening up security in order to keep customers safe.

The Cornerhouse and Yates’, both located on Bridge Place, were evacuated on Sunday 28th September after an unknown gas was released in the venues - leading to patrons gasping for air and even vomiting as they left the building.

Police are still working to identify the culprits of the attack and are currently analysing the unknown gas used.

And now, in light of the attack, both venues have revealed their plans to enhance security.

Mark Churchill, owner of The Cornerhouse, said: “There was no real reason behind this attack and it was completely irresponsible.” “Many nights were ruined and somebody could have been seriously harmed. It was dangerous.”

“We will be tightening up on security after the incident and may have to start searching customers on the door to check they are not carrying gas cannisters or worse.”

“It’s sad that it has come t o that, and we don’t particularly want to do it.”

“But first and foremost, we want to protect our customers. They should be allowed to enjoy a night out while feeling safe from harm.”

“We want to ensure an attack like this never occurs at our venue again.”

Mike Forest, manager of Yates’ Worksop said: “Security at Yates is already tight, but we have had to step things up a little since the attack on our venue.”

“We already carry out random searches and checks to ensure a safe environment for our customers and will continue to do this, perhaps more so since following the attacks.”

“We are monitoring the situation closely as we do not want a repeat occurence at Yates’,” he added.

Notts Police have also revealed further additions to the security lockdown, with plans to breathalyse rowdy patrons before they enter Worksop pubs and bars.

Late night venues in the town will now all be able to breath-test revellers before allowing them entry.

If you have information on the gas attacks that took place on Sunday 28th September, call Notts Police on 101.