Worksop: UK’s first automatic flood protection system to be installed

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Guardian News

Worksop will be the first place in the UK to have a fully automated flood protection system installed.

Next month Larwood House retirement accommodation will have a Fluds system built, protecting it from flash flooding like residents suffered in 2007.

Bassetlaw Council has worked with Fluds Ltd to bring the scheme to Worksop.

It uses the power of flood water to automatically raise a protective underground barrier.

When Larwood House flooded in 2007 the flood waters ran straight down this road and through the house from front to back.

Residents had to be evacuated from their homes and re-housed for several months.

”We have spent several years perfecting the Fluds system and are delighted that the very first one will be installed in Bassetlaw,” said Steve Morgan, director of Fluds.

“We are now in the process of building a scale model of the Larwood House instillation which will be rigorously tested at Leeds University over the next few weeks.”

“We will then install the full system to protect Larwood House next month.”

John Mann MP, who introduced Fluds to Bassetlaw Council, said: “Last winter showed us all that flooding in this country is on the increase. In my view an automated system like this is the future of flood protection. This system will offer peace of mind to all those living in Larwood House.”

When the Fluds system is not in use it remains underground causing no access problems for residents or for traffic. The only sign is a small grid running across the road.

The system works on two underground chambers. The first is connected to the mains drainage so in normal wet and rainy conditions water on the road just flows away through it.

But if there is so much water that the drains can’t cope, as with prolonged rainfall or flash flooding, the Fluds system diverts the water into its second chamber which automatically raises the protective barrier.

Bassetlaw Council deputy leader Coun Griff Wynne, who represents Worksop East ward welcomed the new initiative.

He said: “The council is determined to do everything possible to protect the people of Bassetlaw from the ravages of flooding.”

“Flash flooding is a particular problem and by its nature almost impossible to defend against.”

“The Fluds system offers that protection and the council is proud to be the first to install one in the UK.”