Worksop: Town is ‘clinging on’ to the humble cheque

Some towns and cities across the UK, including Worksop, are forging ahead by leading the adoption of online payment channels while others prefer using lower tech methods, according to figures released today by TV Licensing.
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With over 25 million licences in force across the UK, TV Licensing has witnessed an increase in customers who have embraced paying for their TV Licence online whilst others are doggedly refusing to give up on the humble cheque, a method of payment which has been around for hundreds of years.

Last year 4,709 homes in Worksop helped make up the 5.6m customers across the UK who received their TV Licence by email (elicence) – a paperless way of paying for and updating their TV Licence account online.

However, TV Licensing also received nearly half a million cheques from customers, including 281 from Worksop, who preferred paying using the more traditional method.

Worksop comes in at tenth on the East Midlands elicence chart, with Nottingham topping both the elicence and cheque charts.