Worksop: Three men jailed for their parts in town centre mass brawl

Three men have been jailed after pleading guilty to being part of a mass brawl in Worksop town centre in which a man was knocked unconscious.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 6th June 2014, 3:06 pm
The brawl took place in the Portland Street area of Worksop
The brawl took place in the Portland Street area of Worksop

Thomas Brumpton, 26, of Rushey Close, Worksop, and Nicklas Cliffe, 25, of Sime Street, Worksop, were both jailed for 24 weeks each.

Jake Cropley, 19, of Rufford Street, Worksop, was sentenced to 12 weeks in a young offenders institute.

A fourth defendant, Matthew White, 23, of Bracebridge Avenue, Worksop, was given an eight-week sentence, suspended for 12 months.

All four were part of a group of local men who fought with a group of Polish men in the Portland Street area of the town in the early hours of Saturday, 12th October last year.

Worksop Magistrates’ Court was shown CCTV footage of the incident in which a prolonged series of clashes took place.

One Polish man was knocked unconscious during the incident but was still attacked while he lay on the floor.

Several of the members of the four defendants’ group were also attacked but were able to get away.

Ruth Snowdin, for the prosecution, said all four men admitted to having been drunk and been involved in exchanges with the Polish group at various points in the evening.

All four said in their police interviews that they were unable to properly identify anyone on the CCTV footage but all later admitted to being at the incident.

Defending Brumpton and Copley, Mr David Verity said both men were genuinely remorseful for what they had done.

Of Brumpton, who was shown kicking the man on the floor several times on the CCTV footage, Mr Verity said: “He is a young man with a young family, has not been in any trouble since this incident and he is ashamed of what he has done.”

Of Cropley, he said: “This was out of character for him and he is disgusted by what happened and cannot believe he behaved in that way.”

Defending Cliffe, Mr Andrew Osborne said: “He was assaulted first and accepts he was on the rampage for a time.”

“But he then changes his approach, realises what he is doing is wrong and actually defended the man on the floor and tried to calm it all down which shows he was remorseful for what he did.”

Mr Osborne also defended White and said: “He never made any physical contact with anyone in the other group and he was acting as peacemaker and pulling people away from the man on the floor.”

District Judge Diana Baker said: “Someone could have been seriously injured and it was made worse by the fact you were acting as a group.”

In addition to his suspended sentence, White was ordered to pay £85 costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

All four men were also given two-year banning orders from 13 Worksop town centre pubs.

A fifth man, Anthony Handley, 49, of Lanchester Gardens, Worksop, also pleaded guilty to being involved in the incident and was bailed to re-appear before magistrates on 3rd July.