Worksop: Tesco staff praised for helping to save life of shopper who suffered heart attack

Heroic supermarket workers who rushed to the aid of a Worksop woman when she suffered a heart attack while out shopping have been praised for their part in saving her life.

Well done to these Tesco staff members!
Well done to these Tesco staff members!

The woman went into cardiac arrest while she was walking through the Worksop branch of Tesco, located on Gateford Road, recently.

Luckily staff members and trained first-aiders Brittany Petitt, John Bannister, Andrew Hall, Emma Smeaton, Julia Wilson, Sarah Wardle and Andrew Howard were on hand to provide life-saving care before paramedics arrived.

Thanks to their “great teamwork and courage”, it is understood that the woman is now recovering in Sheffield Northern General hospital and doing well.

Grateful family friend Arianna Nattriss was with the woman at the time and contacted Tesco to thank staff for their bravery.

She said: “If it wasn’t for them I would hate to think what the outcome could or would have been.

“They truly are heroes and deserve some huge recognition.

“Thanks to all those Tesco staff who were involved my friend is recovering well and is looking forward to going into the store and personally thanking everyone.”

Tesco worker Emma Smeaton, who was one of the first-aiders involved, said: “I am really pleased we helped to save this lady and that she’s on a good road to recovery.

“It’s brilliant to hear she is doing well.

“When paramedics took over I kept stroking her arm and speaking to her.

“I was hoping and praying all week that she was going to be ok.”

Store manager Chris Jessop said he was “so proud” of the actions of his staff, who had been trained in first aid as part of a new company safety initiative.

He said: “Recently a customer had a heart attack in our store.

“Luckily, through great team work, courage under pressure, swift actions and fantastic First-Aid knowledge, we gave the customer the best possible chance of survival she could have in the circumstances.

“The paramedics said she may have died if not for the staff and we are so proud of them.

“The company has recently invested in defibrillators in all large stores and a comprehensive first aid course which is offered to colleague.

“Fortunately, these were put to great use by the team,” he added.