Worksop: Teenager ‘kicked out’ at officer who used CS spray near pregnant woman

In Court
In Court

A teenager assaulted a PC who had been attending a domestic case in Worksop, a court heard.

Kyle Cowley, 19, of Cotsworld Court, Carlton-in-Lindrick, pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 15th January.

The court heard that at around midnight on 13th September 2014, PC Ben Harrison attended an address on Hawthorne Way, Carlton-in-Lindrick, due to alleged reports of a domestic.

Prosecutor Ruth Snowdin said that Cowley ‘kicked out with his right leg’ towards PC Harrison, making contact with his right hand.

PC Harrison had been forced to use CS spray in the house and it was said that Cowley’s kick nearly knocked it out of his hand.

Mrs Snowdin said that Cowley then ran off with another male - but he later attended a voluntary police interview.

PC Harrison said the kick did hurt but said he had suffered no lasting injuries.

In mitigation, Moira Mcfarlane, said that police had attended an incident that had nothing to do with Cowley. She said that Cowley only became involved when CS spray was drawn within the area of a pregnant woman.

Miss Mcfarlane told the court: “It is accepted that he could have used his arm rather than his leg. He was in drink and has started to get help for that. It was a small blow and he has shown remorse. His intentions were good. He has no previous convictions.”

Cowley was given a community order, a two-month curfew, ordered to pay £50 compensation, £60 victim surcharge and £85 costs.