Worksop: Teen stripped of driving licence after ‘almost head on’ crash

A car crash in Worksop which left a passenger seriously injured resulted in a teenager being stripped of his licence, and another driver being forced to pay out more than £400 in fines and costs.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 9th September 2015, 4:35 pm

The collision between the two cars on Claylands Avenue in February was almost head-on, magistrates in Mansfield were told this week.

Matthew James Wright, 18, of Kenley Close, Worksop admitted driving without due care and attention, while Christopher Jacobs, 46, of Gateford Close, Worksop, admitted breaking the speed limit and having a worn tyre.

Outlining the case for the crown prosecution service, Rosemary Wilde told the court that Wright had been driving with his girlfriend in a Mazda 323 and was heading to McDonald’s with friends, who were driving a Vauxhall Corsa.

The court was told how Wright had been spotted overtaking the Corsa shortly before the crash.

Meanwhile, Jacobs had been in his X-type Jaguar and was taking two work colleagues to buy food during their break.

The two vehicles collided near to the junction with Stadium Close with the Jaguar rebounding into fencing before coming to rest.

One of the passengers in the Jaguar spent two weeks in hospital and needed surgery to multiple facial fractures. He also suffered a punctured lung and loss of hearing.

Both drivers received injuries including a chipped bone in his arm for Wright.

Crash investigation experts found that Jacobs had been driving between 50 and 60mph on a 30mph stretch at the time of impact.

With both defendants representing themselves, Jacobs told magistrates that he had no recollection of leaving work, but says he was told by a police officer that even if he had been travelling within the speed limit, the accident would still have occured.

He added: “I can’t believe I was doing that speed, but obviously I was.

“I do a lot of driving and never had an accident. I think I’m a good driver and responsible.”

Wright asked the magistrates to be lenient, saying that because he was classed as a new driver, if he was given six or more penalty points he would automatically have his licence revoked.

This would then lead to him losing his job as a landscape gardener in York, to which he drives each day.

Following deliberations, the magistrates chose to give him nine penalty points and made him pay £343 in fines and costs.

One said: “Your actions were quite unbelievable. You are a young driver and feel you were reckless.”

Jacobs was ordered to pay £405 in fines and costs and was handed six penalty points.

Commenting on the speed he was driving, the magistrates said: “It’s extremely serious, and you have been very lucky it did not result in a death.”