Worksop: St Anne’s pupils dance to the samba beat of Brazil

Pupils at St Anne’s School in Worksop donned their brightest carnival costumes to launch their new topics and were treated to a visit from Adam Watkins from The Nottingham School of Samba.

Adam spent the day with pupils in Reception and Key Stage 1 holding drumming and samba dancing workshops.

“The whole school assembly was engaging and informative,” said Caroline Askwith, music coordinator at the school.

“The children were fascinated to learn about the history of another culture.”

“During the subsequent workshops the hall was full of samba rhythms, energy and laughter.”

“The children had the chance to play a wide variety of drums and other percussion instruments.”

“And they had the chance to learn dances associated with different regions of Brazil”

The rest of the day was spent creatively as the children made flags, banners, headdresses and percussion instruments

“I loved banging the drums because they were so loud,” said one of the pupils involved.

Another said: “I loved the rainbow pattern on my feathers.”

“It was fun to do something different and to have lots of time for craft and music,” added a third member of the group.

And a fourth member summed up the fun by saying: “I loved making up a song and shouting St Anne’s.”