Worksop: “Speeding fine from Farmers Branch has taken my Christmas away”

A resident has said her Christmas has been taken away from her after receiving a speeding fine.

Wednesday, 3rd December 2014, 1:00 pm

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous was caught out by the speed limit on Farmers Branch,Worksop, which has recently been reduced from a 40 mph limit to 30 mph.

However there are currently no signs warning drivers of the change.

The lady, who got in touch with the Guardian, said: “I was caught out by the change of speed limit on Farmers Branch, off Thievesdale Lane.”

“That stretch of road has been 40mph since I took my driving test in 1983 .”

“When a ticket for speeding came through my letter box I was very upset, I have never been speeding in my life.”

“I had 3 points on my licence and £100 fine, as I am disabled and on benefits it’s quite a large sum and it has taken my Christmas away as I had saved that money for that.”

“We should be told of a change. You can’t comply with something you don’t know about.”

John Mann MP has vowed to support residents who are being caught out by the fines. Mr Mann said: “Extraordinarily, no speed signs have been put up at all, so how is anyone meant to know? I have no problem with the speed limit coming down, but there should be signs so that the public knows and I can think of dozens of more dangerous roads were speed patrols would be a much higher priority.

“I am working with an increasing number of local people who believe they have been caught out unfairly.”