Worksop: Son took his mum’s car twice late at night

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A Worksop man took his mum’s car on two occasions despite not having a driving licence or insurance, a court heard.

Luke Maloney, 35, of Kirkpatrick Drive, Gateford, admitted two counts of taking the car without consent, two counts of driving without a licence and two counts of driving without insurance at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, September 17.

The court heard that at about 10.10pm on July 11, Maloney’s mum received a call from a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) telling her that her blue Peugeot 307 had been stolen from her driveway.

The officer informed her that her son had been found at the wheel of the vehicle on Rayton Lane, which was stationary, but had the engine running.

The prosecution said that Maloney appeared ‘flustered’ and started ‘grabbing’ at items in the car as officers approached the car.

At first he said that he was insured but soon after said: “I will be honest I do not have a driving licence and I am not insured.”

Maloney said that he did it because he ‘needed space’.

One month later, on August 10, Maloney took the again and was stopped in Rotherham by police outside a shop after he had gone to collect some medication.

In mitigation, David Verity said Maloney had suffered the loss of his grandmother and on both occasions had simply gone for a ‘drive round to clear his head’.

“No damage was caused to the vehicle and his mum has now forgiven him,” Mr Verity said.

The case was adjourned until October 1.