Worksop: Slimmers say thanks a tonne to slimming consultant Danielle

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An award winning weight loss consultant who has helped local Worksop slimmers to lose over two tonnes in weight in less than a year is excited to be opening her new Slimming World group this month.

Danielle Burridge joined Slimming World in 2012 and was inspired to become a consultant and help others on their weight loss journey after shifting over ten stone in weight.

Danielle launched her Slimming World group last year and has helped hundreds of Worksop members shed two tonnes in weight collectively.

Danielle said: “Being part of my members’ weight loss journey is so encouraging and rewarding.”

“Being a member myself, I know how it feels to be overweight and struggle with body image.”

“From the moment I joined back in 2012, I knew I wasn’t alone in my journey- I was slimming down, gaining friends and staying motivated.”

Danielle’s new Slimming World group will run on Thursday mornings at 9am at Balmoral community centre in Sandringham, Worksop, from 30th April. Everyone who attends the opening will be entered into a prize draw.