Worksop: Shoppers urged to spend wisely on Black Friday

Guardian News
Guardian News

Shoppers are being advised to spend wisely this Christmas as the peak festive buying period takes place week.

In total UK shoppers are expected to spend £5billion on Christmas gifts on Black Friday (27th November).

Local high street shoppers are being advised to purchase their goods from reputable retailers to avoid buying counterfeit goods and increase their chances of receiving a refund or exchange after Christmas if needed.

Coun Glynn Gilfoyle from Notts County Council’s Community Safety Committee said: “As the mad rush to buy Christmas presents begin, people need to bear in mind that their gifts may not be right for their loved one so it’s more likely that they need to seek a refund than at any other time of year.”

“There is no legal requirement for shops to exchange gifts or give a refund so it’s worth checking with the shop before making the purchase.”

“The internet is increasingly being used to buy presents to avoid busy shopping centres, but we advise people to use reputable sites.”