Worksop school closes to ‘deep clean’ following outbreak of flu

A Worksop school has closed while it deep cleans its premises following an outbreak of influenza.

By Andrew Topping
Friday, 1st February 2019, 11:15 am
Updated Friday, 1st February 2019, 12:18 pm

Langold Dyscarr Community School, on School Road, made an announcement to parents on Friday, February 1, that it is to close the school for the day while it “deep cleans” following a number of flu cases.

This includes one child who has reportedly been hospitalised with the illness.

Concern was raised by a number of parents that the outbreak is a deadly case of swine flu, however a spokesman for Public Health England has assured parents that it is not serious and that swine flu is just “regular seasonal flu that is circulating at the moment”.

A spokesman said: “The head teacher has decided to shut the school as a precautionary measure after a number of children are off with flu like symptoms, one child has been hospitalised but no confirmation on what illness.

“The school will be deep cleaned this weekend.

“This isn’t an outbreak of ‘swine flu’ as is suggested, it is a school with children affected by flu like symptoms which is very common at this time of year.

“Swine flu is regular seasonal flu that is circulating at the moment.”

Nottinghamshire County Council, which oversees education across Nottinghamshire, has been contacted for a response.