Worksop: Safety worries at crossroads roadworks

Pedestrians dodge the roadworks on Watson Road. Photo by Barrie Codling
Pedestrians dodge the roadworks on Watson Road. Photo by Barrie Codling

Pedestrians say they are scared for their safety as they try to cross a busy junction in the centre of Worksop.

Temporary roadworks and traffic lights are in place at Watson Road and Newcastle Street crossroads for 12 weeks.

Work is being done to replace the crossing signals and improve the junction ready for Worksop’s new bus station.

Pedestrian crossings have been removed and pavement signs warn road users to expect long delays.

Chaotic scenes have been seen at the busy junction, with people on foot - some with prams and in wheelchairs - having to ‘chance it’ to get across.

In the last few days improvements have been made to the layout of cones and barriers, making it clearer where people should cross.

One woman said: “It’s quite scary. I feel like it’s not safe to cross at any time because the cars come so fast after they’ve been waiting in the queues.”

Another mum with a young child said: “I use the crossing every day, both in my car and as a pedestrian.”

“I have to almost step out onto the road to negotiate the traffic, see which direction it is coming from, and see if I can make it across in time.”

“With a small child in tow I feel like I have to have eyes in the back of my head.”

She added that as a driver she found the delays frustrating but understood the work needed to be done.

Mike Barnett from Notts County Council’s highways team said a left turn was also being created from Watson Road northbound into Newcastle Avenue.

“We are sending an inspector to look at the set-up to make sure everything is working correctly. But as is the case with all roadworks, we encourage all road users, both drivers and pedestrians, to take extra care during such work and to obey the signs.”