Worksop: Residents throwing cooking oil down sink

More than a quarter of adults living in Worksop pour waste cooking oil down the sink and nearly a third believe it would not be their fault if their drains became damaged as a result.

A recent YouGov survey looked into Britain’s habits when it comes to recycling cooking oil.

The results show that out of 2,032 of adults living in Britain who took part in the survey, 26 per cent in Worksop admitted to disposing cooking oil down the sink.

59 per cent think if a drain becomes blocked within the boundaries of their own home, a water company will pick-up the bill.

The average household throws away a tea cup of waste cooking oil every month.

Habits are changing compared to the last survey in 2011 but it appears Worksop residents are bucking the trend.

Ian Collins, managing director of Living Fuels, said: “Around 80 per cent of the UK population is within a 15-minute drive of a waste cooking oil recycling site.”

“The bad news is that the hard core of 26 per cent of adults in Worksop are still putting waste cooking oil down the drain.”

“People should adopt the ‘stop and think, not down the sink’ habit.”

“Not only will they avoid costly drain blockage repairs but they’ll also be doing their bit to build a sustainable source of energy.”