Worksop residents demand explanation into '˜nightmare' roundabout works

Motorists stuck in 'daily traffic hell' due to £26m improvements being made to Millhouse roundabout have demanded to know why the works are still ongoing.

Traffic backing up the A57 at the Millhouse roundabout which is at the start of a 32 week re-development program.
Traffic backing up the A57 at the Millhouse roundabout which is at the start of a 32 week re-development program.

Complaints made about the scheme include difficulty getting in and out of the town centre due to repeated road closures, near-misses on the roundabout due to lack of lanes and “generators that rumble through the night.”

The project, which Nottinghamshire County Council say could create up to 5,000 jobs and 1,100 houses for Worksop, is expected to last up to 32 weeks- set for completion around October.

But residents are calling for longer hours to be spent working on the roundabout in order to bring the completion date forward.

Rachel Barrowcliffe said: “It took just 18 months to build the whole of Worksop bypass.

“Why does it take nine months to alter one round about? It’s because they are working on the roundabout part-time. It could have been completed weeks ago if it was worked on full-time.”

Christopher Hartley added: “I am sick of spending all year queuing when it looks like nothing is happening and nothing will be improved.”

Richard Moorcroft said: “I can’t believe it takes so long to achieve so little. Surely it’s better get the job done and lessen disruption is better than prolonged roadworks and motorist misery.”

Residents who live on St. Anne’s Drive, Stubbing Lane and Newcastle Avenue saidthey had been disturbed by disruption from the nearby roadworks.

Steve Bartrop, who lives on St. Anne’s Drive, said living near the roundabout had made travelling to and from his home “a nightmare.”

Council chiefs said they have made “every effort” to keep disruption on the roundabout and surrounding roads to a minimum, but said it was likely that inconviences would occasionally occur.

Neil Hodgson, group manager consultancy for Via East Midlands, which is managing highways services on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council said: added: “This is a major project and we have been giving people as much advance warning as possible about the works for several months. This project is the first time since the roundabout was built in the early 1980s that major works have taken place at this location. We have aimed to time the majority of the more significant disruption to take place over the summer holiday period when traffic is lighter.

“There are many benefits to this project being undertaken including: reducing congestion, improving journey times and boosting Worksop’s attractiveness for businesses to locate to.”