Worksop: Residents are ‘glad’ that new Tesco build on Carlton Road was axed

Relieved Worksop residents say that they are ‘glad’ that Tesco pulled the plug on a new multi-million pound development on Carlton Road.

Thursday, 15th January 2015, 11:28 am
Tesco site on Carlton Road, Worksop

Members of the community took to social media on Thursday 8th January, when Tesco announced it had abandoned its plans to build a new store on the Carlton Road site due to a fall in profits.

Many residents said they were ‘glad’ that the axe fell on the new build and that the existing Worksop Tesco, located on Gateford Road, would remain open despite Tesco’s decision to close 43 of its UK stores.

Andy Fuller said: “I am so glad that Tesco has pulled out of this. But it didn’t stop them ruining green land, a small park snd seating area off Carlton Road, with mature trees cut down next to college and upheaval and and discontent caused with nearby residents. Come on Bassetlaw, do the right thing and get it put back as it was and free for everyone to use.”

Lisa Ridgeon said: “It was not the right place to build a supermarket. Sales will probably drop even more for the existing Worksop Tesco anyway. That building needs a make over.”

Lyndsey Mcnamara said: “This Tesco thing been going on for years now. Hopefully Tesco will pull out for real and something useful can be done with the land.”

MP for Bassetlaw John Mann said he had had ‘mixed views’ about the new build.

Said Mr Mann: “Supermarkets are struggling because people don’t have the money to spend.”

“I have mixed views as the proposed development was on the wrong site. I do however know that newer companies that are taking Tesco’s share of the market are keen to expand in Worksop and are actively looking at options – but not on that site.”

Coun Simon Greaves, leader of Bassetlaw Council, said the council would be working closely with Tesco to establish plans for the future of the Carlton Road site, on which work has already begun.”

“We recognise work has commenced on the site and the last thing people would want is for the site to lie dormant. We will work with Tesco to find a solution and hope that the people of Worksop will take this opportunity to express their views on plans for the Carlton Road site.”