Worksop: Promotional slogan has been blamed on a printing error

A Langold pub has blamed a printing error after the slogan ‘Don’t think, just drink’ was printed on promotional posters and leaflets.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th November 2013, 4:24 pm
The Pocket campaign
The Pocket campaign

The Pocket in Doncaster Road, Langold, had posters outside the pub and leaflets promoting its drinks offers with the slogan ‘Don’t think, just drink.”

However, landlord Brian Robinson said this was a printing error and the slogan should have read ‘Think before you drink.’

Residents of Langold raised concerns over the printed slogan after receiving a leaflet through their door.

Marcus Wichmann said: “Personally I think that this slogan is promoting bad values and is insensitive to the community that the pub is in.”

“The pub is actively promoting drunkenness and advocating that its users do not think about their actions whilst under the influence of alcohol.”

Brian said: “There was less than 100 leaflets delivered and we have now taken down the posters and we are doing what we can.”

“It was a printing error and no one had realised.”

“I had not seen them.”

“We were shocked when we realised.”

“We have had new leaflets printed now.”

“I have been a licensee for 20 years and I am very aware of not drinking and driving.”