Worksop: Police and public reflect on Rubicon closure

Inspector Phil DaviesInspector Phil Davies
Inspector Phil Davies
Insp Phil Davies, responsible for neighbourhood policing in West Bassetlaw.

“I don’t support people’s perception that there are fights on every street corner in Worksop,” said Insp Davies.

“Since 2011 there has been a 26.4 per cent reduction in all crime across the town centre. Anti-social behaviour has fallen by 13.9 per cent in the same period. And since 2010 violence is down 17 per cent.”

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“Worksop, like any town that has pubs, has its issues around alcohol related violence and any incident is one too many as far as I’m concerned.”

“People’s drinking habits have changed. A lot of people drink at home because it’s cheaper. And that’s not good for pubs and bars.”

“The police want to support businesses in the town and encourage it to be a vibrant by day and night. But it has got to be in the right place at the right time.”

“From a policing perspective, late licencing causes me some resourcing issues. People are out drinking until 5am and we still need to police that”

“Would I like to see that change? Yes.”

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“I am quite encouraged by some of the discussions I have had with the council about improving the night time economy offering and changing people’s perceptions around alcohol.”

“My team and I are happy to work with any licensee to help them with any issues they are having and keep them trading within the law.”

“If Mr Anthony comes back to Worksop with a redesigned business plan, and I hope he does, I’d be pleased to discuss how we can support it.”

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Adam Leigh Methven said: “Rubicon was brilliant for bands. Shame it was in the wrong town. Worksop is quite possibly the worst night out anywhere. In the world.”

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Brett Mills said: “The main problem with Worksop is that nobody wants to pay that little bit more for quality. They want quantity. Cheaper drinks = more intoxicated patrons = messy, smelly bar with spilled drinks all over the floor and a kicked in bathroom covered in vomit.”