Worksop: Plans to help shape town centre set to be released by council bosses

Worksop Town centre shops to let. Newcastle Avenue.Worksop Town centre shops to let. Newcastle Avenue.
Worksop Town centre shops to let. Newcastle Avenue.
Plans to help shape the future of Worksop town centre are set to be released by council bosses after a recent public consultation.

Bassetlaw Council is set to announce the results of the discussions, which will help to identify key regeneration projects for the town centre and surrounding areas.

The consultation was conducted back in March, and around 150 people attended the event in Worksop, while 246 people responded to an online questionnaire.

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A detailed feedback report has now been drawn together and an executive summary is being prepared.

Key points of the summary so far include the town needing more investment, the lack of job opportunities and only around 40 per cent of people who visited the town said they came to shop.

However, residents who lived in Worksop said they liked the access to the countryside and open space, quietness, and cleanliness but did not like the dog fouling and local traffic problems.

Leader of Bassetlaw District Council, Coun Simon Greaves, said: “The consultation was an extremely positive event.”

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“The feedback report was approved at June’s Cabinet meeting and these results, including residents’ ideas and suggestions, will help to form a new Local Plan for the district and Worksop in particular.”

“We will now use this report to identify specific regeneration projects for Worksop.”

People were asked what they liked and disliked about the areas in which they lived, how they saw the town developing in 10 years’ time and what they would like to see alter in that time.

Information featured in the executive summary states that there was a general agreement that Worksop town centre needed further investment, including the appearance of shop fronts, signage and refurbishment of historic buildings. However, respondents did not feel that any investment should be spent on re-surfacing Bridge Street.

There was no general consensus on whether there was enough leisure opportunities and affordable housing.