Worksop: Pensioner’s cat put down after it was poisoned with antifreeze

Guardian News
Guardian News

A Worksop pensioner had to have her cat put down after it was poisoned with antifreeze.

The elderly woman, who does not want to be named, took her pet to Wildbore Vetstop, on Turner Road, after it fell ill.

The lady in her 70s does not know whether it was a deliberate act or a complete accident.

“I was very upset,” she said.

“I was in the back garden and I saw she was walking funny, her eyes were funny, she was walking very wobbly.”

“She jumped off the chair and straight on the curtains which was a big jump, about two ft away.”

“I put her outside to see if she wanted a drink but she didn’t. She wasn’t herself.”

The pensioner, who lives near the Carlton Road area, said she took the cat, aged one, to the vets on Monday 1st December.

Staff told her that it would be best if her pet was put down as she was suffering and in pain.

“I just want to warn other people,” she added.

Claire Hill, a veterinary surgeon at Wildbore Vetstop, told the Guardian of the warning signs that people should look out for.

“Things like vomiting, not wanting to eat and not going to the toilet,” she said.

“We have not seen many cases like this so far this year.”

“It can be a big worry.”

“Cats like to sit under cars where it is warm so that is a problem.”

“It is easy for them to lick it up, it has a sweet taste to it.”

“People need to be careful where they store antifreeze.”