Worksop: Pair stole oil from Clumber Park before high speed police chase through Manton

Clumber Park
Clumber Park

Two Worksop men who stole oil from Clumber Park ended up speeding through country lanes and a built up area with police cars in hot pursuit.

Christopher Michael Daniels, of Gateford Road, and Jake Anthony Dennington, of Cavendish Road, pleaded guilty to stealing oil belonging to the National Trust at Clumber Park on 13th June.

Dennington, 23, also admitted driving a Vauxhall Astra van dangerously on roads in the Manton area on the same day.

Mansfield magistrates heard a van owned by Dennington was seen being driven suspiciously by a warden at Clumber Park.

Male voices were also heard as someone tampered with the park’s oil storage tank. Dennington’s van was then driven past the wardens.

Later it was discovered 100 litres of oil had been taken.

Police officers saw the van being driven at speed towards them and recognised Dennington.

They had followed him driving at 80 mph down a country lane but had not chased him as the situation could have been dangerous.

The van was later spotted being driven at around 50mph in a 30mph zone in Manton. It failed to stop at a junction and nearly collided with another vehicle. The police followed the car with sirens blazing and lights flashing.

The van then stopped suddenly, the men got out and ran off in opposite directions.

Dennington was arrested and police found four containers of oil in the back.

The men claimed they had found the oil in containers at Clumber Park but denied stealing from the tank.

They also said they had not heard the police sirens or noticed the flashing lights until they stopped.

Dennington denied driving as fast as the officers claimed.

Daniels was given a six month community order with a 10 day rehab activity requirement and ordered to pay a court charge of £180, with a victim surcharge of £60.

Dennington was sent to Nottingham Crown Court for sentencing.on 1st July and given conditional bail.