Worksop: North Notts Community Arena targeted in attempted break in

Guardian News
Guardian News

North Notts Community Arena has been the target of an attempted break in.

On Thursday 25th September, two culprits who have been described as young males tried to break into outside containers, a van, and the adjacent premises.

Area manager of North Notts Community Arena, Nigel Turner, said: “Although the culprits were on the premises on and off from approximately 10.50pm to well past midnight, they left without success.”

“Even if they had managed to break into the containers, they only store chairs, old tables and staging which have no real value to anyone.”

“Fortunately, the CCTV images were excellent and we are hoping will greatly benefit the police in their search for the culprits.”

It’s less than a year since the community arena had 16 new CCTV cameras installed, along with an intruder system.

Nigel added: “The cameras cover our car-parks and premises and this is the third time they have proven their worth, hopefully, these culprits will be apprehended by the Police.’

The CCTV is now in the hands of Worksop Police who are investigating the matter.