Worksop: North Notts College teachers were ‘told their jobs could be axed in an email’

North Notts College,Worksop
North Notts College,Worksop

Another anonymous source concerned about ‘redundancies and 20 per cent pay cuts’ at North Notts College claims staff were left ‘demoralised’ when they were told their jobs could be axed ‘in an email’.

The claims were made in an anonymous letter which is the second to be sent in to the Guardian after it emerged that teacher roles at the college could be in jeopardy.

It reads: “The cuts and redundancies at North Notts College are true.”

“Staff were told about the pay cuts via email.”

“Even though a meeting was held days before the email was sent, the principal failed to put that information to staff in his staff briefing.”

The letter goes on to say:“Staff are being demoralised and demotivated.”

“North Notts College will never be an outstanding college if they lose all their outstanding staff.”

“It needs investigating and something needs to be done soon.”

North Notts College principal John Connolly was unavailable for comment on the new claims, but previously revealed that the college was undergoing a ‘detailed restructuring.’

He did not confirm whether or not any redundancies or pay cuts would definitely go ahead, but added: “We are having to do more with less, just like everyone else in the higher education sector at the moment.”

“Whilst the outcome of the consultation remains to be determined, our proposals would create a significant number of posts with responsibility for ensuring the quality of programmes for students, as well as the opportunity to recognise a number of outstanding lecturers as experts in their profession who will be able to offer coaching support to their colleagues.”

“If any colleagues are financially affected by the proposals which are eventually agreed, we have already indicated that we would look to offer pay protection to offset the impact as far as possible.”

Joe Rooney, branch development organiser at the University and College Union (UCU), told the Guardian the union wanted to ‘secure the best possible position’ for its members.

He added: ‘North Notts College has now formally notified the University and College Union of its plans for a staff restructure and contract changes.”

“We are currently consulting with members and sister unions about the plans.”

“We will also be meeting with the management team at North Notts College to discuss the proposals.”