Worksop: North Notts Arena hit back at ‘no kids wanted’ claims

Staff at North Notts Community Arena have hit back at ‘ludicrous’ claims that they ‘do not want kids’ in the venue after a resident claimed he was shunned from booking a birthday party for his young child.

Thursday, 9th July 2015, 10:47 am
North Notts Community Arena, Worksop.

A letter sent into the Guardian from the furious Worksop resident, who does not wish to be identified, said that he was told by a staff member that the sports arena ‘certainly did not want kids’.

It reads: “When I rang to enquire I was told abruptly: ‘We only hire the hall for big events and we certainly don’t want kids’.”

“I was told to try other businesses that aren’t even local.”

“I tried to call back to discuss just hiring the hall for the space but was pretty much told to go away.”

Nigel Turner, general manager at the arena, said the claims were ‘absolutely not true’.

He told the Guardian: “Our main objective is to offer a facility for children, young adults, the elderly and those with disabilities in Worksop.”

“Since Bassetlaw Council cut our funding ten years ago, the arena is being run privately by a small charity.”

“We’re finding it difficult to survive - but we can and we will.”

“Like any other business struggling in the current financial climate, we have had to make cutbacks- and I am afraid we can no longer hold children’s parties, as much as we’d love to.”

“The arena welcomes 75,000 people through its door every year, both children and adults alike. We hold many groups for children, such as the Worksop Harriers, and hold a pantomime for children every Christmas, amongst other things.”

“We have passed on our details on to the person who wrote this letter and hope he will contact us to resolve the issue,” Mr Turner added.