Worksop mum horrified to find industrial string in breakfast bar

“I could have choked” is the harsh reality for one mum who found something suspect in her snack.

Friday, 2nd October 2015, 12:59 pm
The breakfast bar that Kerrie Bott found which had the blue string inside the biscuit
The breakfast bar that Kerrie Bott found which had the blue string inside the biscuit

Kerrie Bott, 36, bought a mulitpack of Belvita choc-chip breakfast bars last week.

When she opened one at work her habit to break the biscuit in to pieces before she ate may have just saved her from a far more worrying outcome.

“I snap my biscuits so I can just pop a bit in my mouth when I get a second but this time it didn’t feel right.

“I saw there was blue industrial string - like packing cord inside the biscuit.”

The married mum-of-two, who lives on Shrewsbury Road, is just relieved it was her who found the string as all her family eat the snacks, which are made by Mondelēz International.

“What happened if one of my kids had just gone straight to eat it? What if I didn’t break the biscuit, I could have choked.”

She said: “I’m really disturbed and shocked that in a country where everyone follows health and safety rules that something like this could have happened.

“The string is the exact length of the bar which makes me think this might not be the only bar to have string in.”

When Mrs Bott contacted the manufactures she was told it would take six to eight weeks for them to analyse it and then get back to her.

“This isn’t good enough,” she said, “people need to know if the product has been recalled and more plans need to be put in place to make sure nothing like this happens again.

“I was very lucky but what about the next person who doesn’t look before they eat.”

A spokesman Mondelēz International for said: “This sounds very unpleasant for Mrs Bott and we have asked her to return it to us free of charge for analysis. It’s difficult to give a specific date when we will have the results because we need to ensure we get the right answers but we can assure her we will carry out this investigation as speedily as possible.”