Worksop man vows to pay off brother's mortgage after scooping £27,000 - on a 1P bet

Derek (left) with brother Andrew
Derek (left) with brother Andrew

A Worksop man has vowed to pay off his brother's mortgage after winning £27,000 - on a 1p bet.

Within five minutes of scooping £27,326, Derek Marsden phoned his younger brother Andrew to tell him: "Don't worry any more, your mortgage is paid off."

Derek (checked shirt) celebrates his win with brother Andrew

Derek (checked shirt) celebrates his win with brother Andrew

Derek, of Sunnyside, successfully picked six out of eight winners at Chester, Limerick, Hexham and Bath in his 1p Goliath – a regular bet he describes as a “bit of fun for less than a pint of beer.”

As well as helping out his brother, who had fallen on hard times, Derek now plans to buy a second hand luxury car and jewellery for his wife Julie, who he is also taking on a once-in-a-lifetime holiday to New Zealand.

The 65-year-old, who retired last month from his job as a health and safety risk assessor at Kraft Foods in Sheffield, said: "Our parents brought Andrew and I up like this.

"If you can’t look out for your family then who can you look out for? We are like two peas in a pod."

He added: "I was studying the form and basically followed the more successful trainers with horses that are doing well.

"Ninety eight per cent of the time nothing comes of my goliath which is really a silly bet because the stake is so small but there is always that chance you can win very big – and that’s what has happened to me.

"It is amazing that I have able to transform Andrew’s life for the better as well as treat my wife and get a new car all for less than a pint of beer.

“I checked the results online at tea time and then calculated how much I thought I had won.

"I thought there might be something wrong but I told Julie what I might have won and she said ‘Oh yeah’ so I walked, quite quickly round to Betfreds.

"The deputy manager Joe Darby was as excited as me and he had his arms up then clapped me so I knew I had the biggest win of my life.

"I can hardly believe it considering the size of the stake. My biggest win until now was £1,200 when I went through the card at Lingfield five years ago.

“First thing that came to mind probably within five minutes of the win being confirmed by Joe was to telephone Andrew and tell him his worries were over and I was going to pay off his mortgage.

"I know with him not being able to work due to ill health he was very worried about it.

"I have my eye on a second hand Lexus – and will get something personal like some jewellery for my wife Julie. We might be going to New Zealand but this time Andrew isn’t coming with us.”

And retired textile factory worker Andrew, 62, of Hardwick Road West, said: "I just can’t thank Derek enough.

"It’s a brilliant feeling after all the worry from struggling with a fractured spine and three heart attacks. We have always been close talking to each other at least every day and doing the same sort of things.”

Betfred boss Fred Done said: “You could say Derek, who retired three weeks ago from Kraft Foods, has taken the biscuit!

"It is amazing that so many lives have been changed for the better from such a tiny stake.

"The only crumb of comfort for me is that Derek is a Betfred regular and I will be thinking of him next time I’m dunking my biccy in my morning cuppa.”