Worksop: Man back behind bars following crime spree

A burglar who continued on a crime spree after failing to return to prison has been jailed again.

By Sam Chetwynd
Monday, 1st July 2013, 12:12 pm
Philip Kelly
Philip Kelly

Philip Kelly, previously of Radford Street, Worksop, failed to return to HMP Moorland in May after being given two days temporary release on licence.

The 33-year-old was arrested in Sheffield city centre on 24th May, after he tried to sell suspected stolen photography equipment.

The equipment was later linked to a burglary in Market Warsop, which happened on the night of 20th May. Also stolen in this burglary was an Audi A6, which has never been recovered.

Kelly appeared at Nottingham Crown Court last week charged with burglary and theft, theft of a motor vehicle and escaping lawful custody.

He pleaded guilty to all three offences, as well as asking the court to take into consideration three other burglaries whereby cars were stolen from houses in Worksop and Barnby Moor, which he had committed while on the run.

Kelly was sentenced to five years in jail, to run consecutively to the four-year prison term he received in March 2012, for a burglary in Worksop in 2011.

Detective constable Jim Coleman, of Mansfield CID, said: “Kelly’s first burglary in 2011 was on Christmas Day in Worksop.”

“When he escaped from custody he continued to plague his home town - his neighbours - with his intrusions and thefts, leading to substantial financial loss for his victims in the form of high-performance cars, camera equipment and jewellery.”

“Let’s hope more than doubling his original jail term will help him reconsider his criminal actions.”

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