Worksop: Man admits to damaging his ex-wife’s car

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A man has pleaded guilty to deliberately damaging his ex-wife’s car.

Dene Richardson, 50, of Cavendish Road in Worksop, admitted the offence at Worksop Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard that Richardson had been with his ex-wife for 32 years but had become volatile and angry when the relationship ended two years ago.

Prosecuting, Mrs Dawn Fawcett said: “Although the relationship had ended, they still both lived in the marital home which was in his name and so he came and went as he pleased.”

“On the day of the incident, she heard Mr Richardson’s van pull up outside and looked out of the window to see him standing by her car.”

“He was shouting and swearing at her and then he began to damage the car and it looked like he was scratching it.”

“She went to the front door and shouted at him to leave her car alone.”

“She couldn’t find her keys to lock the front door, so she put the latch on to ensure he couldn’t get into the house.”

“She then called the police.”

Defending, Mr David Verity said: “Mr Richardson wrongly believed his ex-wife had been responsible for damage caused to his van.”

“He then went round to the house and damaged her car in retaliation.”

“He now accepts this was a very foolish thing to do.”

“He had apologised and is full of remorse for his actions.”

“He knows he has put himself into a serious situation.”

Sentencing was adjourned until 18th September for a probation report to be completed.