Worksop: Local shop is closing down after nearly 30 years in the town

Brian Platt is closing his shop in Worksop after 28 years
Brian Platt is closing his shop in Worksop after 28 years

A local business is shutting its doors after nearly 30 years on the Worksop high street.

Heart To Heart photographic studio, which also incorporates a branch of Thornton’s, on Bridge Street, is closing due to escalating costs combined with falling revenue.

“The rent and rates are just unbelievable and by the time you’ve paid your staff and bills, unless you are clearing £400 a day, you’re just throwing money down a big hole,” said owner Brian Platt.

“We’re still doing wedding photography, I’ve got 30 booked in this year alone, but it’s more profitable now to go and do five or six weddings than hope for a busy day in the shop or the photo studio.”

“It’s just getting too expensive to be in Worksop now.”

“The council said the market would bring in footfall but not for us it hasn’t.”

“It’s brought in footfall for the market but it’s made no difference to the shops.”

“We’re doing less business now than we were 20 years ago and I look outside sometimes now and wonder if Worksop has actually shut.”

“There’s the growth of out-of-town supermarkets, another Morrison’s is opening now, and people shop online and that’s the way of the world now and I can see that and I’m preparing for the future.”

“It’s time for me to move on and I have wedding bookings up to 2016 so the wedding photography side remains very profitable for me.”

“But in terms of the shop, it’s just not worth it any more.”

“People say it’s getting better but it isn’t from my perspective.”

“It’s not viable for us to continue with the shop and I think that’s going to be the case for other shops in the future.”