WORKSOP LETTER: Man relieved himself at side of garages

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For those that know Kilton and Larwood, Osberton View is a small area housing three blocks of flats and a communal car park used primarily for the people that live here.

Sure, it gets used by family and friends visiting people who live here. There’s deliveries as well. To top this off, it also provides access to Kilton Golf Course.

With this access comes its own problems - two major nightmares.

The first are the low-life that shouldn’t be allowed to breed for the betterment of mankind. I’m talking about those idiots that enjoy darting around the streets, whether on roads or pavements, on loud motorbikes that are falling apart. Yes, they also don’t care if they run people over on pavements.

The second nightmare is golfers. Yes, golfers. It’s bad enough that there is barely enough parking space for people who live on Osberton View, we have golfers coming and taking up valuable parking space. Kilton Golf Course has got its own car park, why park in our communal spaces?

Put it this way. Recently a big Transit van or similar parked up in our car park and two men climbed out. They proceeded to get two bags of golf clubs from the back of the van. However, one man decided he needed to relieve himself. So he did so against the garages in full view of all three blocks of flats. Once he had finished, he walked to the middle of the carpark while still fastening himself up. I could see his belt swinging around and he was struggling with the zip. Yes mister, I saw you. If I could see you, kids could have seen you.

Things are just getting out of hand and need sorting out.

Disgruntled resident

By email