Worksop: Job Centre to start taking Universal Credit claims

Guardian News
Guardian News

Worksop’s Jobcentre is one of 150 Jobcentres around the country that will start taking Universal Credit claims for the first time from February 2015.

Universal Credit merges six benefits into one and simplifies the system so that people will always be better off in work.

And also for the first time, people will be helped when they are in work to earn more.

And because Universal Credit allows Jobcentres to access real-time HMRC earnings data, it means that exactly the right level of support is in place to help people on their journey into work.

This includes topping up claimants earnings when they are on a low income.

Minister for Welfare Reform, Lord Freud, said: “We’ve already seen remarkable successes with Universal Credit claimants moving into work faster and staying in work longer.”

“As part of our long-term economic plan, people in Worksop will have the financial security of knowing that working more pays more money.”