Worksop: Inspector urges everyone to help stop crime numbers from creeping up

Inspector Phil Davies
Inspector Phil Davies

The latest weekly update from Worksop police with Insp Phil Davis.

Crime in West Bassetlaw is creeping up and I am not happy about it.

At this stage we are experiencing a 14 per cent increase on the same time last year and I want to see this number reversed.

Theft, vehicle crime and burglary are topping our agenda.

In July last year we saw a spike in thefts from shops.

In a bid to stop that from happening again we are working closely with business owners on their layout, and security plans.

We are starting to see HGVs being targeted for diesel while they are parked up on the A1.

We have run a number of operations in this area in the past and we’re back up there now speaking with drivers and looking to identify the culprits.

It doesn’t escape our attention that a large percentage of burglaries and thefts are committed by drug offenders, attempting to fuel their habits.

With this in mind we are continuing our action against drug dealers.

You can help through the simple act of locking the doors and windows of your houses, sheds, garages when you’re out, or in the garden.

As well as the locks, don’t flash your gear by leaving it in your cars or on display in your homes.

And mark your property with Cremark.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to unusual or suspicious activity around your neighbourhoods.