Worksop: Heartbroken mum ‘overwhelmed’ with support for terminally-ill son

A heartbroken Worksop mum says she is ‘overwhelmed’ with the support her family has received since her son was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

By Liam Norcliffe
Tuesday, 30th June 2015, 12:53 pm
Liam Buckley
Liam Buckley

Liam Buckley, 22, who attended Redlands Primary School and Outwood Academy Valley, was diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer on 4th July 2014 and it has now spread to his liver and lungs.

The Sheffield Hallam University aerospace engineering graduate recently found out that the cancer is no longer responding to treatment.

Family friend Debbie Johnston-Sparkles decided to launch ‘Liam’s Dream Fund’, which has received over £1,000 in donations in just over a week, in the hope that the funds raised could help Liam and his family enjoy a holiday together.

Liam Buckley

Liam’s mum Janet, who is a teaching assistant at Redlands Primary, said: “It is overwhelming, very emotional.”

“The support has been brilliant.”

“Liam can’t believe that people who don’t know him are donating.”

“It makes us very appreciative,” she added.

Throughout his illness, Liam has dedicated his time to helping raise money for Weston Park Hospital, which stands at nearly £6,000.

The Manchester United football supporter and F1 fanatic has endured 11-months of aggressive chemotherapy, various operations and numerous medications.

The funds raised will help Liam and his family, including his dad Darren, brother Adam, sister Emma and girlfriend Elle enjoy a trip to the seaside before his 23rd birthday on 27th July.

“Liam really wants to go to the coast,” Janet said.

“It means so much to us that we can get away because otherwise we would have to stop at home.”

“He is such a positive person and always puts his arms around me when I cry.”

“It is like living a nightmare.”

Close friend Debbie is now encouraging as many people and businesses to come forward and give what they can so Liam and his family get their wish.

Debbie said: “I wanted to give something personally back to Liam.”

“They are a lovely family, we know there is a lot of support out there.”

“Liam is one of the nicest, caring and kind-hearted young men you could meet, the strength, courage and bravery Liam has showed during his illness has been an inspiration to everyone,”

“To be faced with such a tragic challenge at such a young age is heartbreaking but Liam always keeps his and his family’s spirit high, his smile is infectious and I know his family are so proud of him.”

“The love and support from his family and friends is truly inspiring, if we can all help even just a small fraction can contribute to providing Liam and his family with creating special memories and special times that they can cherish forever.”

“If people could share the page and if there are any owners of holiday cottages that think they could help that would be appreciated.”

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