Worksop: Guardian Rose given to brave grandson

A grandmother presented her four-year-old grandson with a Guardian Rose after he ran for help when she fell in a cemetery.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 27th November 2013, 5:43 pm
Four year old Jarvis Irons with nanan Angela Pressley
Four year old Jarvis Irons with nanan Angela Pressley

Whilst laying flowers at a grave Angela Pressley, 62, fell and injured herself and couldn’t get back up.

She had her grandson, Travis Irons, 4, with her but he was not strong enough to pick her up.

Desperate to help his grandma Travis ran for help and managed to stop a car who phoned for an ambulance.

When the ambulance arrived Travis told them what had happened to Angela and that he couldn’t pick her up.

Travis was dressed as Superman at the time and he said the the paramedics asked him if he was Superman why couldn’t he pick up his grandma and fly her home and Travis told them it was because he was not wearing his cape.

Travis lives with his grandparents at the weekend and helps to look after his grandma, who he calls Nanny.

When asked what else he does to look after Angela he said he helps her check her blood sugar levels and keeps her safe when his grandad is out of the house. Travis also said that when he grows up he wanted to either be Superman or a doctor so he can look after his nanny and make other people better.

Angela said: “I told him I was going to give him a medal for looking after me and I asked him if he wanted a chocolate one or a real one and he asked for a real one.”