Worksop: Guardian Rose for caring Trudy who is always there for everyone

Natasha Austin presents a Guardian Rose to Trudy Frettsome
Natasha Austin presents a Guardian Rose to Trudy Frettsome

Being there for someone who needs you is something Trudy Frettsome is all about.

And that’s something 23 year-old Natasha Austin has appreciated hugely in the last three years and why she nominated Trudy for a Guardian Rose.

Trudy works at the Kilton Children’s Prospect Centre in Worksop and was the light at the end of the tunnel for Natasha after she found herself in what she descries as ‘a really bad place.’

“She didn’t just help me, she helped my daughter too and she has been amazing to me ever since I was first introduced to the centre three years ago,” said Natasha.

“I have had fantastic family support from her and she has stood by me throughout, even out of hours in what should be her own personal time.”

“If anything, she goes beyond her duties, what she does is great and she’s very caring.”

“I suffer from chronic depression and it was quite difficult for me to go to new places or meet new people being a single mum on my own with my little daughter.”

“While my friends were out having fun, I was at home and I was suffering but then I was introduced to centre and to Trudy and she has been so good for me and so many other people, not just me.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without the support I have had from her.”

A stunned and surprised Trudy was almost speechless when she was presented with her Rose, but said Natasha deserved just as much credit for turning her life around.

“I’m shocked to get this Rose but it’s lovely to be appreciated, although Natasha has done this herself too,” she said.

“She just needed that little bit of support to get there and that’s what family support is all about, empowering parents to help them move on.”

“But it’s a lovely surprise and a lovely gesture.”