Worksop: Guardian Rose for Barbara the modern-day Florence Nightingale

Barbara Woodward is presented with a Guardian Rose by Granddaughter Jade Cookson
Barbara Woodward is presented with a Guardian Rose by Granddaughter Jade Cookson
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Barbara Woodward is a modern-day Florence Nightingale in the eyes of her granddaughter Jade Cookson.

And for all Barbara, of Worksop, does caring for others, Jade nominated her for a Guardian Rose.

“I am nominating my Nan because she is my idol,” said Jade.

“For 23 years she cared for my late auntie Jeanette, who had spinabifida, besides three elder children.”

“Then after a short spell my Granddad got lung cancer and has his lung removed in October 2008.

“Whilst recovering from that in 2009 he had a severe stroke and Nan has been his Florence Nightingale ever since, constantly taking care of his every need, dressing, bathing, toiletry needs, everything.”

“When he goes into hospital for spells of illness, Nan sits by his side all day and on many occasions sleeps in a chair by his bed.”

“Although my Grandad gets frustrated and depressed after losing his independence, Nan never gives up thinking of him and her family and never herself, even though she is ill herself with high blood pressure and diabetes.”

“On a Sunday she cooks dinner for up to 11 people and still finds time to nip me to friends and other things.

“She is so independent, hardly ever asking for help, and I feel she deserves some recognition, so I’m nominating her for the Guardian Rose with all my love.”

Jade presented her nan with the Rose at her home and Barbara admitted it was a total surprise.

“It was such a surprise, I never expected anything like it,” she said.

“I thought we were getting some visitors I hadn’t see for a while, the way everyone was behaving, but it was this instead.”

“It was so lovely, it made my husband cry and I told them we had stop or I’d be crying too,”

“It’s fantastic that they so appreciate me because I didn’t think I’m special, I just do what any mother, or nan would do.”

“But it was a lovely surprise and such a lovely Rose too and it made me feel very special.”