Worksop: GP surgery marked as ‘high risk’ according to health watchdog

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Guardian News

A Worksop GP surgery could be putting patients at risk, according to a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The health watchdog ranked 7,276 practices out of 7,661 in England using 38 different indicators to calculate the level of risk.

Practices were categorised into six bands, with Band One being ‘highest concern’ and Band Six being ‘low risk.’

The ‘intelligent monitoring of GP practices’ report categorised Newgate Medical Group, on Newgate Street, Worksop, in the ‘highest concern’ band.

It was marked as having three ‘Elevated Risks’ and three ‘Risks.’

Westwood Primary Care Centre, on Pelham Street, was categorised in Band Five and Larwood Surgery, on Larwood Avenue, was also categorised in Band Five.

Professor Steve Field, chief inspector of General Practice, said: “There is a lot of good and outstanding care taking place across the country as our data and recent reports show.”

“It is important to remember that the data is not a judgement as it is only when we inspect we can determine if a practice provides safe, high-quality and compassionate care.”

“The data is a further tool that will help us to decide where to inspect and when.”

The ‘Elevated Risks’ at Newgate Medical Group included the percentage of patients with atrial fibrillation, measured within the last 12 months, who are currently treated with anti-coagulation drug therapy or an anti-platelet therapy and percentage of patients with diabetes, on the register, who have had influenza immunisation.

The ‘Risks’ included the percentage of patients aged 65 and older who have received a seasonal flu vaccination. The percentage of patients aged 75 or over with a fragility fracture on or after 1st April 2012, who are currently treated with an appropriate bone-sparing agent. And the percentage of patients with diabetes, on the register, whose last measured total cholesterol is five mmol/l or less.

Dr Charles Alessi, co-chairman of the National Association of Primary Care, said: “We welcome the emphasis on transparency and quality in the new inspection regime for General Practice.”

“The fact that outstanding practice has already been identified is very encouraging and we looking forward to working closely with CQC to further develop models of monitoring to both lessen the burden of inspection and enrich the experience on the practices.”

Newgate Medical Group were unavailable to comment when the Guardian contacted them on Tuesday.