Worksop: Golden couple go full circle to celebrate 50 years together

The secret to happy and long lasting marriage is one that is often the first question asked to any couple celebrating a big milestone is married life.

Thursday, 31st July 2014, 10:00 am
Wendy & Richard Allison, of Stevenson road, Worksop. Who celebrated their Golden Wedding.

For Richard and Wendy Allison, the answer remains simple.

“Every night, we always say we love each other,” Richard, 68, told the Guardian.

“We have never missed a night since we have been married. It’s about listening to one another and a bit of give and take.

“If you don’t listen, you are going to argue.”

On 21st July, the pair celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and they both claim to be higher than the day they was first introduced to each other at a cafe by Wendy’s mother in 1963.

To celebrate, their family and friends took them back to the church where their happy marriage started at the Worksop Priory Church.

Wendy’s sister, Ann, and brother-in-law, Philip, organised a white car decked to give off a wedding car feel and had them drove to the church where they stood and posed for pictures just as they did in 1964.

“It was a lovely surprise and made the day really special,” Wendy, 66, said. “It was a great way to celebrate the day.”

Whilst the pair hold a marriage so unique, the family they have built up is also their pride and joy from what has been a ‘great journey.’

The couple have had a daughter, Sue, and son, Richard, and now have seven grandchildren in total, and recently, a great grandaughter.

“It’s a nice feeling looking around the family we have got,” Richard added. “It’s been a great journey.”