Worksop: Former Worksop cop denies sex charges spanning nine years

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A suspended former Worksop police officer has denied charges he made sexual advances towards vulnerable women.

Pc Chris Young is charged with seven counts of sexual misconduct but pleaded not guilty to the charges spanning nine years.

He has been on trial at Derby Crown Court for the past three weeks and yesterday the jury retired to reach their verdict.

Prosecution and defence teams have put forward their cases and Judge John Burgess summed up the trial for the jury.

He described seven witness’ accounts of their encounters with the 47-year-old police officer.

One witness - who cannot be named for legal reasons - said he had come out after she called the police about a drink driver.

The woman claims Young had asked for her mobile number and the pair had later exchanged texts. She said she ‘felt flattered’ a police officer was giving her attention. She alleged he was determined to meet up. She agreed and he went around to her house - and she claims they had sex - but he kept his uniform on and just undid his zip.

She said he was on duty at the time as he had his radio with him, and claims afterwards he said he ‘had better get back to work’.

The woman said she later gave the police officer oral sex - because she felt ‘intimated’ of his profession.

Young denied this had happened when he was on duty and the woman never gave any impression of reluctance.

Judge Burgess summed up another witness’ contact with the police officer after a theft from her shop. He attended the store and then kept in contact via text. He updated her about the theft and the woman claimed he sent her sexual jokes. She claims he later turned up at the shop, and then asked to see her breasts.

Young said the woman was pursuing him - not the other way around. He agreed he was friendly and had a little joke with her. He said he could not remember going back to the shop and did not ask to see her breasts. He said the jokes were not sent during police time. He also said she invited him in her home for sex.

Judge Burgess said one woman had read about Young in the Worksop Guardian and said she had encountered similar things in 2006/7.

She had initially met Young after she had been involved in a car accident and alleged he told her she ‘had nice boobs’. She claimed the pair were later at her home and he undid his trousers and took them down and then the pair had sex on her living room floor.

She said he was not forceful but thought,’should this be happening?’. The woman said she felt uneasy about what had happened but did not want to report it as she felt it would be ‘her word against his’. But when she read about his court appearance in the newspaper she said she felt she could report it as there were others in her situation.

Young denied making any comments about her breasts and denied having sex with her.

The trial continues.