Worksop: Father and son crime duo slapped with ASBI’s for terrorizing elderly neighbours

ASBIs for a Worksop Father and Son. Vincent Dyer and Duane Dyer
ASBIs for a Worksop Father and Son. Vincent Dyer and Duane Dyer

A Worksop father and son duo have both been slapped with ASBIs after subjecting residents inlcuding their elderly neighbours to repeated threats of violence.

Vincent Dyer and his son, Duane Dyer, are both prohibited from entering an exclusion zone that boarders Gloucester Road and Wingfield Avenue and includes accommodation on Monmouth Road, Ravenscourt, Northumbria Close and Prospect Precinct.

Vincent Dyer had been served with his ASBI by A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council’s joint anti-social B

behaviour team in September 2015 following threats of violence against his former partner and subjecting neighbouring elderly residents to anti-social behaviour.

Following a first breach of this injunction, for which Vincent Dyer received a 28 day custodial sentence, he breached his ASBI for the second time on November 12 by entering a property within the exclusion zone and was subsequently arrested by police.

On 1November 17 he was sentenced to 56 days imprisonment by District Judge Potts at Mansfield County Court and the ASBI will remain in force until midnight on September 24 2016.

In the interim and while Vincent Dyer was in prison, Duane Dyer moved himself into his father’s former address on Monmouth Road.

During this time complaints were received from elderly residents that Duane Dyer had made verbal and physical threats against residents and staff members of local retail outlets.

As a result, an Interim Injunction was granted at Mansfield County Court on November 6 and when this was served on Duane Dyer by A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council’s Joint Anti-Social Behaviour Team, he made threats of physical assault and to cause criminal damage to neighbouring properties and, as a result, was arrested.

A full Anti-Social Behaviour Injunction was granted at Mansfield County Court on 20th November, which will remain in place for a period of 12 months.

Don Spittlehouse, managing director of A1 Housing, said: “Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions are used to protect innocent residents, members of the public and businesses from individuals who persistently engage in anti-social behaviour.

“In the case of Vincent Dyer, the courts have seen fit to impose a second custodial sentence which I hope will provide a sufficient deterrent to prevent further breaches of this injunction.

“In both cases, there is no excuse or justification for ASB that includes the use of verbal threats, intimidation or abuse against any resident or A1 Housing tenant, especially elderly residents who live in this area of Prospect. As has been demonstrated here, A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council refuse to tolerate any form of anti-social behaviour and when appropriate, will take every measure available to protect its residents and tackle ASB.”